PicoBoo for iPad available now!

touchbee Solutions newest app PicoBoo for the iPad is now available in the Apple App Store.
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What is PicoBoo?


PicoBoo is a Picture Coloring Book App exclusively available for the iPad. Experience the ability to convert any photo into a pencil rendered sketch and then use your fingers to color it. It’s just like a real paper photo coloring book, but you are able to use a virtually unlimited number of pictures. The app gives you many options to import new pictures to use, including browsing for new ideas online with our Flickr integration. PicoBoo gives children and grown-ups the ability to give their ideas an artistic outlet.




  • Create an unlimited amount of drawings in PicoBoo
  • Create stunning pencil sketches from your pictures
  • Use photos from your iPad’s photo albums, the built-in iPad 2 camera or search in an endless amount of pictures available on Flickr. Right from the app!
  • Touch paint your photos with crayon or photo palette colors
  • Eraser mode to touch erase colors
  • Over 10 Undo/Redo steps possible to restore previous states of your creation
  • Fun, magic drag eraser to allow for quick erasing of the pictures color
  • Browse and view finished photos in portrait or gallery mode
  • Edit your drawings at any time
  • Frame your drawing and give it a name
  • Share your creations with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
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