Software Libraries

Favorite iOS and Android Libraries of 2013

At the beginning of any software project and with mobile apps in particular we ask ourselves the question of which software libraries and tools to utilize. Some libraries are more specialized than others, but in the end there are plenty of common tools available that promise to make the life of the developer much easier. […]

TBHintView Screenshot

TBHintView: Free Hint library for iOS on github

While we were working our newest iOS app: BandFriend ( coming soon, check out its website ), we needed some way to display some sort of hints, alerts and guides to the user. Those hints needed to be presented in a non-modal fashion and had to be somewhat customizable. We created a small little library […]

Apps and Mock Web Services

Most mobile apps need to interact with a remote web service to obtain information that the app can display or to send user submitted content such as comments or photos. When we start working on a new project, we often times find ourselves in a situation where the web service that the apps need to […]

Cross-platform development: Necessity or burden?

Currently there is a large number of different operating systems for mobile devices out there. While just about five years ago there were much fewer platforms competing for the mobile user ( Symbian, Palm®, Windows® Mobile ), this has changed dramatically in recent years. Apple’s iOS platform as well as Google’s Android™ based devices and […]