Category: Entertainment

Making your own Freakatar is as easy as dragging and dropping parts onto the factory floor and moving them around however you want. Use two fingers to grow, shrink or rotate a part, or get rid of a part by feeding it to the Trash Monster – it’s always hungry! Give your finished Freakatar a crazy name, and show it off to your friends!


Mobile Distortion/Freakatars Inc.

Freakatars enables people to use their imaginations to create their own customized creatures that can be shared or used as avatars on almost any social networking site, including Facebook and Twitter. Freakatars are easy to create and addictive fun for monster builders of any age.


Our Task

We were approached by Mobile Distortion to create this extremely fun and creative app for the Apple iPad. While technically a challenging project, the end product doesn’t leave much to be desired.


  • Objective-C
  • iOS
  • Custom UI
  • In-App Purchases
  • Sound/Music Playback
  • Animations