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Use StockTwits to catch up quickly on the stocks you care about and new market trends. Find out what is happening fast and get insight, updates, sentiment and analysis from thousands of real investors and traders.


StockTwits Inc.

StockTwits is the leading communications platform for the financial community, and the creator of the $(TICKER) tag for identifying and following investing ideas and information across the web. StockTwits provides a specialized environment created specifically for investors, institutions, and market analysts where they can contribute, find and follow ideas about stocks, markets, trends, and more.


Our Task

We were initially hired to fix bugs in the StockTwits iPhone and Android apps and perform feature updates. In addition we consulted on technical aspects of certain app features and helped with the Google Play update and submission to the App Store. Furthermore updated the iPhone app for the release of the iPhone 5 and its new screen resolution.


  • Objective-C
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Web Services