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We develop apps for the latest Android phones and tablets. From conception to publishing on the Google Play Store.


We know iOS inside out. Great apps with intuitive user interfaces. Look no further!

Windows Phone

Need a Windows Phone app developed with C#. We are there for you.


Most apps need servers. We can help you develop what’s needed on the backend side of things.

Creating apps is what touchbee is all about. However the process of getting your app to the App Store can be very complex and involves many pieces from wireframing over programming to the final app submission. And that’s not all! Please check the following list for all services we can provide regarding the app development process.

Our Services

  • Consulting

    We help you find answers to your app related questions. Need us to flesh out your app idea? We can help you with that too! touchbee helps you throughout the project.

  • Wireframing

    Wireframing is an essential part of creating an app. In this phase we define how the user interacts with the app and make sure that the user can easily navigate through your app. We use tools like Axure or moqups to visualize the wireframes and flows and discuss those with our client.

  • Design

    Apps not only need to feel intuitive to use, they must looks great too. We work with our clients to make sure that their app gets the right amount of styling depending on their individual use cases from subtle and elegant to highly immersive.

  • Development

    Writing code will make your ideas on paper and wireframes come to life. Often times this not only involves making the actual mobile apps, but also deals with setting up and creating the code on the backend server so your apps are cloud ready!

  • Testing

    Nothing is more embarrassing than publishing an app that frequently crashes. Testing is integral part of our development process. We make sure that your app works and behaves like you intended. It would be embarrassing to us too if it didn’t!

  • Publishing

    Publishing an app can be a challenging task. There are different requirements and rules for placing an app in the various app stores. We can guide you through the process and make sure your apps will be ready for your users.

  • App Website

    If needed by the client, we can build simple, yet effective companion and support websites for your app. It is important to have an app website for marketing and support reasons. We build our app companion websites with the popular and powerful WordPress content management system.

Our Portfolio

Visit the Portfolio page to see more of the beautifully, handcrafted apps we developed!

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