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The Amazing Game of REcollection turns the art of discovery into a fun game that rewards you for playing. Match up and explore over forty super creative products. Complete each board and you’ll earn a sweet prize from Toddland, Photojojo, WeJetSet, Feelgoodz or Holstee. Yes, that’s right, discovering creativity now has its rewards. Plus, can save all your discoveries and share with friends.


Mobile Distortion/Holiday Matinee

Holiday Matinee is a blog for creative inspiration. We’re all about spreading positive vibes to the masses and connecting with anyone who’s committed to making this world more awesome. Since 1999, Holiday Matinee has obsessed over people, projects and ideas that inspire us. We live by the motto, “Love your work. Work your love.”


Our Task

touchbee was tasked to perform visual updates to this lifestyle app available for the iPhone.


  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • Photoshop