Category: Photo & Video

PicoBoo is a Picture Coloring Book App exclusively available for the iPad. Experience the ability to convert any photo into a pencil rendered sketch and then use your fingers to color it. It’s just like a real paper photo coloring book, but you are able to use a virtually unlimited number of pictures. The app gives you many options to import new pictures to use, including browsing for new ideas online with our Flickr integration.

Our Task

PicoBoo & PicoBoo Lite are our own creations. From the rather simple idea, this iPad only app  has had wide success on the App Store with over fourty top 10 rankings all over the globe since its debut in 2011. The Flickr integration allows you to import and create an endless number of coloring pages.


  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • Flickr Integration
  • AirPrint Integration
  • DropBox Intregration
  • Facebook & Twitter Sharing